With the 2020 International Women’s Day theme #EachforEqual inviting us to be responsible for our own thoughts and actions and actively choosing to challenge stereotypes and bias, broaden our perceptions and celebrate women’s achievements, Alder Constructions describes how culture plays a part in building gender equality, particularly in the construction industry.

With the door open to women wanting a start in construction, an increasing number of focused industry organisations have also moved in, to celebrate, to support, and to provide guidance to the women in construction as they navigate new ground. The result is a workplace environment conducive for women to not only participate in, but to flourish, and a positive step in the right direction towards gender equality in the construction industry.

Alder is one company that has embraced women in construction. From project delivery and development to marketing, finance and human resources, we pride ourselves on offering an inclusive workplace that sees men and women working alongside each other in a diverse range of roles.

Our General Manager, Dean Cheffers says gender diversity within the construction industry begins with culture, and this is what needs to change in order for the number of women in construction to increase and equality occur.

“For more women to want to take up careers in construction gender diversity must be supported by not only men in the industry, but women as well in order to change the culture from that of a male-dominated one to a gender-neutral environment”.

Many industry organisations have great initiatives specifically for women in the industry that not only create networking opportunities and mentoring programs but they also enable women to be prepared and get ahead in their careers.  The next step is for businesses in construction to identify and celebrate good behaviours that mirror theses efforts to first increase gender diversity, and in the long run, gender equality in the construction industry.