Alder and the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) have a long and mutually rewarding history of working together, with the relationship originally stemming from Alder being contracted to design and construct their Robina facility that was completed in January 2011.

The relationship blossomed from there to the point that Alder Constructions’ Managing Director, Greg Alder, is now a Director and Board Member of the AITC and has been instrumental in the AITC establishing a second Campus within Redland City Council that is scheduled to open in early 2016. AITC was established in 2008 by industry leaders in response to a need for an alternative style of senior education. The College has achieved outstanding results in its early years, with the successful placement of graduates into a trade career at a ratio of approximately 95%. The College is something that is highly regarded and valued by Alder as it builds the foundations of the construction industry and assists the wider community with trainees who are vital to our future infrastructure development and skills base in our industry.

A. B. Paterson College’s  Social Entrepreneurship is about combining a social impact model with a business model. A social impact model helps you to work out what the social problem and opportunity are, and the best evidence-based way to address them.

The business model provides the way to make a profit which can fund the social impact model – allowing you to create more sustainable impact. This is the difference between social entrepreneurship and not-for-profits; social enterprises allow for the private appropriation of profits and the building of an entrepreneurial culture within the organisation.

The AITC provides the twin benefit of senior education and career employment for technically talented young people.



Alder supports A. B. Paterson College's social entrepreneurship initiative IGNITE: Ideas with Impact, which combines social impact and business models.