C-17 Maintenance Facility Aircraft Apron, Associated Infrastructure and CEPS

Status: Completed September 2018

Location: Amberley

Construct Only


Category: Building / Defence

Project Details

The aim of the C-17 Maintenance Facilities, Aircraft Apron and associated Infrastructure Facilities Project (C-17 Project) is to provide fit for purpose, compliant, high quality and value for money maintenance facility and additional infrastructure at RAAF Amberley to support and sustain the Operational Level Maintenance (OLM) requirements of the C-17 fleet. The C-17 Project was delivered under the Defence Managing Contractor form of contract.

Upgrade of the existing CEPS (Central Emergency Power Station) to increase the existing generating capacity from 6.4 MW to 11.4 MW. Including all associated building modifications.


  • First installation and incorporation of this particular type of Generating Set arrangement in Australia.
  • Designed and modified existing day tank storage into a reticulating fuel polishing system to ensure longevity of bulk stored fuels.


  • Commissioning period was accomplished smoothly with no major faults.
  • Mains Fail Test illustrated the increased capacity of the CEPS building installation, giving confidence that the RAAF Amberley can run in Island from Energex supply for extended periods of time.
  • Increased response of the system to fluctuations in supply and demand giving confidence in the system to self-stabilise and prioritise load demand.

Work Undertaken

  • Asbestos removal of Exhaust Lagging and complete building environmental clean.
  • Decommissioning of two 35 year old Diesel Generating Sets and all associated above ground infrastructure including, switch boards, cables, diesel fuel tanks,  external radiator sets and all associated hydrocarbon liquids.
  • Supply and Installation of two 2.5MW Diesel Generating Sets with air starts, including new diesel fuel pipe work from existing below ground diesel storage tanks, day tanks, filters, meters and air reticulation pipe work and storage vessels. Also including all new HV transfer cables, control wiring, SITEC controllers and integrating with the four existing generating sets.
  • Installation of Mechanical Ventilation consisting of, Ventilation – three inline axial fans at high level and one inline centrifugal fan for low level hydrocarbon fumes pickup. The works also comprised of acoustic dampening to the high level inlet ducts.
  • BMS – Building Management System, interface for the monitoring of building heat sensors to automatically control the new three high level extractor fans. The BMS also monitors the fuel supply rate and fuel return rate.
  • Modifications to the existing CEPS building to accommodate the new equipment including, new structural footings and steel frame to house the radiators. Adaption and replacement of the roofing to tie new to old works including new internal linings and acoustic insulation.
  • LV Electrical works consisted of removal of existing redundant lighting with the installation of all new lighting and emergency lighting, including new distribution board for the supply of the electrical requirements.
  • The Dry Fire scope consisted of the removal of the redundant dry fire system and installation of all new addressable heat/smoke detectors, audible and visual warning system and Brigade interface.
  • New fire rated doors were installed throughout the existing building.
  • Hard landscaping to the discharge zone of the gensets for control of discharged heat from the Sets operating.

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