Chambers Island Pedestrian Bridge

Completed September 2019

Maroochydore QLD

Design and Construct

$0.96 million

Civil Infrastructure / Bridges

Project Details

Alder Constructions were engaged by the Sunshine Coast Council for the Chambers Island Pedestrian Bridge Headstock Rehabilitation which included the refacing of headstocks, cathodic protection installation and TRU box installation with ac connection. Works also included crack injection on damaged deck units and clamp old services to new uni-strut brackets under the bridge.

The Sunshine Coast Council had previously been advised that the bridge would require closures in order to complete the works that would cause disruption to the local community. Alder with our engineering team, were able to develop a safe working jacking system and supporting members that allowed the bridge to remain open throughout the entire construction phase. This was a huge advantage to the community by eliminating the need to construct temporary access arrangements.

Work Undertaken

Some of the key components of this project were:

  • Design and implement bridge jacking
  • Demolition and removal of chloride effected concrete
  • Reinforcement remediation
  • Design and installation of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)
  • Design and installation of Transformer Rectifier Unit (TRU)
  • Installation of flowable epoxy grout to headstocks
  • Replace bearing plates, pads and support brackets
  • Design and upgrade service support brackets
  • Epoxy Injection crack repairs
  • Public Protection during works including Silica Dust Control

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