Coomera Anglican College Primary Learning Resource Centre

Status: Completed January 2018

Location: Coomera

Construct Only

Value: $4.5m + GST

Category: Building / Education

Project Details

Known as the ‘Pod’, this future-focused centre featuring innovative and immersive design, saw an integrated and collaborative partnership between Alder Constructions, Burling Brown Architects and Coomera Anglican College, delivering a complete sensory learning space.

This one of a kind building features extraordinary shapes, curves and voids, showcasing a 360 degree amphitheater for virtual and augmented reality learning, a circular room surrounded by switchable glass on the suspended level, multiple learning booths, collaborative common spaces and facilities internally.

Work Undertaken

Some of the key components of this project were:
  • A 360 degree amphitheater for virtual and augmented reality learning
  • Circular room contained in switchable glass which turns from clear to opaque at the touch of a button
  • Curved brickwork with soaring backlit aluminum louvres creating a sense of grandeur
  • Concrete cantilevered reading booth windows
  • Level 5 plasterboard finishes
  • Writeable walls achieved using ‘write on wall’ paint
  • Circular bulkheads, balustrades, staircases & slab voids
  • Seamless perforated acoustic and architectural plasterboard ceilings
  • Futuristic 3D printer cabinetry
  • Curved Corian stonework
  • Composite feature zinc cladding
  • Picture perforated aluminium screens
  • Formed concrete under slab storage drawers

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