Gold Coast Seaway Sand Bypass Jetty Upgrade

Status: Completed December 2006

Location: The Spit, Main Beach, Gold Coast

Lump Sum (Construct Only)

Value: $2.35M + GST

Category: Bridges

Project Details

This project involved the complete refurbishment and upgrade of a 494 metre long jetty situated at the Spit, Main Beach on the Gold Coast.

Completion of this project within the 6 month contract period, which was considered by many as very optimistic, was of utmost importance by the Client. Alder not only achieved this target, but beat it by a further month. This saving in time was achieved through thorough planning and a very proactive approach by Alder in the identification and resolution of design issues well in advance of construction, ensuring unnecessary delays did not occur.

Work Undertaken

  • The majority of all construction was carried out over the ocean, thus requiring a suspended scaffold system to safely and efficiently construct the works
  • Absolutely no debris or contaminated water were permitted to enter the ocean or beach zones, so the scaffold system was designed to completely capture all debris and contaminated water for collection and disposal
  • The sand pumping equipment had to remain operational throughout the construction period
  • Detach and remove existing jetty components (timber decking, handrails, services and so on)
  • Reconditioning the top of existing support girders that the new precast concrete deck units were installed upon
  • Installation of precast concrete deck units (245 of)
  • Prepare and install 1.4km of recycled plastic kerbing
  • Fabricate and install aluminium balustrades, security gate and sliding gates, including large support beams
  • Fabricate and install all services via new suspended service ducts below the jetty platform

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