Guanaba Bridge Repairs

Status: Completed November 2013

Location: Maudsland, Gold Coast

Lump Sum (Construct Only)

Value: $137k + GST

Category: Civil / Bridges

Project Details

A quick temporary repair of the old timber bridge across the Coomera River on Guanaba Creek Road was required by Gold Coast City Council. Having developed our reputation in many things aquatic, Council invited Alder to take on this interesting task.

A quick alignment with trusted subcontractors allowed us to meet a tight schedule with a stable result and minimal impact on the travelling residents in the rural hinterland community.

The works consisted of providing a bracing frame to an existing timber pier which was exhibiting signs of imminent failure. The travelling public could feel substantial movement due to over flexing of the timber members. A permanent option was being considered but the risk of failure of the current structure prior to completion of that project overrode any alternative option at the time.

The braced frame installed consisted of two screw piers installed outside the bridge footprint and connected with each other by a full steel braced configuration that mimicked and connected to a number of failing components and finally encapsulated the girder corbels.

This provided a substantially more rigid structure capable of lasting the period required to design and install a permanent dual carriageway structure on a better alignment.

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