Livingstone Christian College Extensions – Stage 1

Status: Completed March 2006

Location: Ormeau, Gold Coast

Lump Sum (Construct Only)

Value: $2.1M + GST

Category: Education

Project Details

This project involved the construction of the following five classrooms and specialty rooms for the Stage 1 Extension to Livingstone Christian College at Ormeau:
  • Junior General Learning Area (GLA) classroom
  • Senior GLA classroom
  • Computer room
  • Science room
  • Amenities block

The total gross floor area of all buildings was approximately 1,120 m2, plus 590 m2 of covered walkways.

Alder were very proactive in suggesting/exploring the use of alternative building materials for the building structure and finishes that generated cost savings to the Client without compromising the intended function or integrity of the buildings.

Despite severe inclement weather that impeded construction during a good part of the Contract period, the critical milestone of completing the Junior GLA classrooms in readiness for the start of 2006 school year was achieved as originally planned.

Work Undertaken

  • Constructing the project within an operational school
  • Extensive covered and lined walkways associated with these new classrooms and speciality rooms
  • Installation of a padmount transformer and main switchboard to service this and future stages
  • Suspended concrete slabs. Alder instigated a modification to the design of these slabs which provided both time and cost savings to the Client
  • Timber wall frames and trussed roofs
  • Combinations of coloured blockwork and exotec (fibre-cement sheeting) external walls
  • High impact resistant internal plasterboard walls
  • Complete fitout of all buildings, including specialised equipment to the Science Laboratories

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