Livingstone Christian College Extensions – Stage 3

Status: Completed May 2008

Location: Ormeau, Gold Coast

Lump Sum (Construct Only)

Value: $2.1M + GST

Category: Building / Education

Project Details

This project involved the construction of General Learning Area (GLA) Classrooms, an extension to a Multi-purpose Centre (MPC), upgrades to various demountable buildings and construction of covered walkways and associated works. The gross floor area of the MPC building was 756m2 and 535m2 for the GLA Classrooms.

During the construction of this project, the Client required a significant amount of additional works to be carried out, with only limited funds available to them. Alder worked very closely with the Client and the Architect in a value management / cost planning exercise in the finalisation of the design and scope of works for these additional items. As a result of this exercise the maximum bang for the Client’s buck was achieved.

Alder were able to complete the project, including the additional works, within the time frame for the original scope of works. This was acknowledged by the Client as a superb outcome considering the significant quantum of the additional works.

Work Undertaken

  • Constructing the project within an operational school
  • Structural steel superstructure to the MPC building
  • Timber wall frames and trusses to the Classrooms
  • High impact resistant internal plasterboard walls
  • Combinations of coloured blockwork and exotec (fibre-cement sheeting) external walls
  • Concrete suspended floor slabs to MPC building
  • Construction of acoustically rated Production, Sound and TV rooms within the MPC building
  • Extensive electrical and communications infrastructure and fixtures to accommodate the Sound and TV rooms
  • Complete fit-out of all buildings

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