McAuley College

Status: Completed January 2017

Location: Beaudesert

Construct Only

Value: $3.5m + GST

Category: Civil & Infrastructure/Roads & Car Parks

Project Details

Alder Constructions were contracted to complete the bulk earthworks, reinforced block and rock retaining walls, preparation of building pads, civil services, pavement construction for car parks, concrete driveways and footpaths, irrigation and turfing of the sporting oval and running track for the new McAuley College School at Beaudesert.

Major bulk earthworks of over 60,000m3 cut to fill was required, and an additional 25,000m3 of imported material to provide for the new levels required. GPS controlled machinery was used in order to increase works productivity and to achieve the tolerances required to the building pads and oval.

The topsoil for the new oval was treated, that included a major screening and mixing operation to provide a suitable topsoil layer to the oval, and included the establishment of over 17,000m2 of turfing that was laid utilising maxi rolls to reduce jointing.

A major carpark was also constructed with asphalt pavements, and a number of concrete driveways and footpaths were also constructed to link the various school amenities.

Work Undertaken

Some of the key components of this Project were:
  • Approximately 100,000m3 of bulk and detailed earthworks
  • Rock retaining walls up to 3m in height
  • Over 20,000m2 of turf
  • Over 5,300m2 of asphalt pavements
  • Concrete driveways and footpaths
  • Stormwater, water and sewer service infrastructure
  • Electrical distribution and padmount transformer
  • Timber, weldmesh and security gates and fencing construction of irrigated sporting oval and soil improvements

All required civil works were completed ahead of schedule by Alder for handover to building contractors for all works to be completed ahead of the new school term.

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