Monterey Keys Bridge Repairs

Status: Completed October 2015

Location: Helensvale


Value: $1m + GST

Category: Civil & Infrastructure/Bridges

Project Details

The Project involved concrete repairs and strengthening of the concrete bridge headstocks and piles as well as the replacement of the bridge expansion joints.

Alder Constructions worked with City of Gold Coast to develop an alternate repair strategy for the piles. After conducting site inspections, it became apparent that more substantial repairs were required for the piles in particular, than the original project specifications had indicated.

Work Undertaken

Some of the key components of this Project were:
  • Temporary traffic control and pedestrian diversions
  • Development and implementation of Environmental Management Plans
  • Defect survey to existing bridge structure
  • Cleaning and blasting of concrete headstocks and piles
  • Crack repairs to headstocks
  • Concrete patch repairs to headstocks
  • Reinforcement augmentation following concrete breakout to headstocks and piles
  • Application of protective coatings
  • Supply and installation of proprietary fibreglass reinforced pile jackets
  • Development of an alternative pile repair procedure when the proprietary system failed
  • Reconstruction of headstock ends
  • Cathodic protection of piles
  • Replacement of expansion joint to asphalt wearing surface

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