Redbank Plains Asphalt Plant

Status: Completed May 2012

Location: Redbank Plains

Design & Construct

Value: $13.3m + GST

Category: Civil

Project Details

Boral Asphalt engaged Alder Constructions to lead a team to design and construct a new asphalt plant on a greenfield site at Redbank Plains. The team included Westera Partners for civil and structural design elements, Urbis for planning, LED for electrical and Scenetics for landscaping. A large range of elements comprised the development of the site in Ipswich Council area, and years of planning finally resulted in operational works approval in late August 2011.

Construction commenced in August 2011 with earthworks and pre-casting of major concrete elements for retaining walls and bin bays. 35,000 cubic metres of earthworks were required to reshape the sloping site to usable platforms, requiring 1,000m2 of retaining walls of various types. The chosen layout of the site minimised traffic confluence but did require 12,000 square metres of pavements – both HD concrete and asphalt.

Our previous experiences with Boral staff allowed smooth incorporation of many ideas and components to the site, with good co-ordination of the major plant brought in and installed by Astec to a strict import schedule met on time.

External works including road frontage upgrade, major power reticulation requirements, sewerage and water and stormwater treatment all combined to create a very interesting jigsaw for site staff to construct.

As well as the civil component of the site, Alder was very heavily involved with both design and construction of all structures, including maintenance and operational buildings, weighbridge and storage bins.

Safety in the batching environment is always a top priority, and the structures and movement areas have all been given the appropriate attention to risk and isolation of risk by reduction of traffic and pedestrian interface as well as railings and walkways to direct traffic away from danger.

Boral Asphalt staff stated that this plant set the benchmark for their future design and construction activities throughout Australia. Alder hopes to be involved in future plans with this trusted Client.

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