Robina Reservoir

Status: Completed October 2008

Location: Robina, Gold Coast

Lump Sum (Construct Only with material supply by the Client)

Value: $4.7M + GST

Category: Reservoirs / Waste & Waste Water

Project Details

This project involved the construction of a 30 mega litre post-tensioned concrete reservoir to service the Gold Coast Desalination Plant mixing and storage requirements as an essential part of the South East Queensland water grid.

Now that the reservoir is in full operation, it is apparent that there are absolutely no leaks, which is testament to the strict quality control and workmanship that was undertaken on the project.

Achieving the required program for this project was of paramount importance as this reservoir was a key component of the South East Queensland water grid roll out. Therefore the contract period of 32 weeks was not to be extended as a result of inclement weather. Through thorough planning and strict control of all activities on site, Alder were able to complete the project 4 weeks ahead of schedule, despite losing 2 weeks due to inclement weather.

Work Undertaken

  • 62 metre diameter and 11 metre tall concrete structure with 36 internal columns totalling 1300 cubic metres of concrete
  • The 3000 m2 post tensioned concrete slab was constructed in a single pour requiring 30 concreters to complete
  • The concrete walls were constructed in 3 lifts for the full perimeter, ie 3 full perimeter pours
  • 350 tonnes of reinforcement and 100 kilometres of steel tendons
  • 90 tonnes of structural steel and metal sheet roofing that completely enclosed the tank
  • Ancillary metal works, including davit arm, ladders, platforms, handrails etc
  • Electrical and telemetry works
  • External works including access road, fencing and drainage works

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