Seaworld Atlantis Early Civil Works

Status: Completed

Location: Southport

Construct Only

Value: $0.35 mil +GST

Category: Civil | Infrastructure | Earthworks

Project Details

Alder Constructions was awarded the contract to complete early demolition and civil works ahead of Seaworld’s newest attraction – Atlantis.

The project presented challenges with works completed in a live operational areas of the theme park and adherence to strict environmental controls due to proximity to marine wildlife.  This included strict sediment control measures during earthworks surrounding the lake and additional dust management and planning around the use of rock hammers and vibrating rollers during demolition due to proximity to the dolphin pools.

Innovations and Successes:

  • Utilising labour to de-construct the sea creatures and sort out the materials allowing us to recycle large quantities of steel, saving over 15t of steel from landfill.
  • Utilising a bicycle for trips down to the back access gate to let in trucks. Saved fuel and helped the team stay fit.
  • Utilising excess sand on site to fill the small lake around the large whale. This allowed us to utilise a 14t excavator to demolish the whale sculpture, saving larger costs on a 100t+ crane and also helped the client who had excess sand and need to fill the small lake for future works.

Work Undertaken

The key components of this project are:
  • Demolition of 9 Sea Creatures varying in size up to 6 tonne.
  • D&C of an access track across an existing waterway including install of stormwater pipes and reclamation of land.
  • Cut to fill earthworks of approx. 1,000m³ including filling into the existing lake and installation of batter stabilisation.
  • Demolition of existing concrete and asphalt pathways, timber handrails and a timber deck.