Sickle Avenue Bridge

Status: Completed October 2013

Location: Hope Island, Gold Coast

Lump Sum

Value: $12.2M + GST

Category: Civil / Bridges

Project Details

Gold Coast City Council engaged Alder Constructions to construct a new road bridge and associated civil infrastructure for the Hope Island community. The bridge is located adjacent to Village Square Market near the centre of Hope Island.

The bridge, canal excavations and road works were part of the final piece of flood mitigation works in the Hope Island canal. It has greatly improved the infrastructure and access to the area and has reinvigorated development within the area.

This new bridge is the last piece of infrastructure that will allow the vacant land in the area to be better utilised and developed. Construction of the bridge and associated civil infrastructure presented various challenges that were overcome by our dedicated construction team.

Ground improvements behind the embankments on both sides of the bridge were completed comprising of 300 piles. Significant changes were made to the design by the Gold Coast City Council during the construction and this added to the complicated construction that Alder Constructions undertook. However when the project was completed it was applauded and appreciated by the Council and residents alike.

Work Undertaken

  • The bridge is 45m long comprising three spans
  • Three traffic lanes, two cycle lanes and two footpaths
  • New and relocated services included;
    • underground and overhead power lines
    • underground gas lines
    • water (potable and recycled)
    • sewer (vacuum and gravity)
  • Dredging of the canal removed over 20,000m3 of sand and earth material
  • The bridge is supported by 40 pre-cast concrete piles 30m long driven into the rock beneath the canal floor
  • During construction, Sickle Avenue was diverted a number of times by constructing temporary side tracks to allow for construction to proceed with minimal traffic disruptions
  • Demolition of an existing roundabout and construction of two new signalised intersections
  • Improved overhead lighting
  • New footpaths and designated bike lanes were also added to the bridge approaches

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