Warwick Water Treatment Clarifier

Status: Completed March 2018

Location: Warwick

Construct Only

Value: $2.44M

Category: Civil & Infrastructure / Water & Waste Water

Project Details

This project involved the construction of a 26m diameter, 3 megalitre cast in-situ reinforced concrete clarifier for the Southern Downs Regional Council (SDRC) in Warwick. This vital piece of infrastructure forms part of SDRC’s future growth plan and enables greater capacity for the treatment of raw water entering the plant from the surrounding dams.

Work Undertaken

Some of the key components of this project were:
  • Demolition of existing structures and site preparation
  • Construction of 50lm long x 2.5m high curved retaining wall for the lower section of the clarifier
  • Bulk Earthworks to Level 1 Geotechnical Certification
  • Construction of 140m3 clarifier base slab with dome shape for ‘desludging’ of the clarifier
  • Construction of 75lm long x 6m high reinforced concrete walls including all waterproofing treatments at penetrations and construction joints
  • Construction of reinforced concrete suspended slab and walls for “Launder Channel”
  • Mechanical D&C of treatment components including structural bridge, inlet pipe, central column, weir plates, scraper arms and flocculation wells
  • Detailed design, fabrication and installation of structural steel access staircase, perimeter walkway and miscellaneous components
  • Procurement and installation of Stainless Steel and DICL pipework, fittings and valves up to 750dia in size to provide inlet, outlet, overflow and scour lines for the clarifier
  • Detailed design, fabrication and installation of unique ‘3-way Y-piece’ from Stainless Steel to be installed during night time plant shut down
  • Epoxy coating of Launder Channel to meet design requirements and provide 25-year product and application warraty
  • Electrical works including power supply, plant lighting, Rotork actuated valves, level sensors, level floats and flowmeters installed
  • Assist with the overall programming, ‘one-touch operation’ and integration of the new clarifier with existing plant

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