Yawalpah Road Duplication Upgrade

Status: Completed

Location: Pimpama, QLD

Construct Only

Value: $5.0 mil + GST

Category: Civil Infrastructure | Roadworks

Project Details

The Yawalpah Road Upgrade project involved the construction and duplication of approximately 1 km of dual lane pavements, shoulders, median island, civil service infrastructure and landscaping to an extremely busy section of Yawalpah Road at Pimpama.

The new lanes and median islands were constructed immediately adjacent to an existing heavily congested arterial road that carries over 35,000 vehicles per day and is significantly congested during peak flow times. Furthermore, the new road ties into an existing CoGC road network at one end and at the other, ties into a TMR roundabout at Exit 49 of the Pacific Motorway.

Rock and unsuitable materials were encountered, however Alder Constructions were able to assist CoGC and the Consultants to develop the required treatment types. These works greatly assisted the Developers to progress their Homemaker Centre Development.

Work Undertaken

Some of the key components of this project were:
  • Multi-staged construction with extensive traffic management
    and night works.
  • 20,000m³ of earthworks.
  • Extensive treatment of existing subgrade.
  • Construction of 1000Lm of new stormwater reticulation.
  • Construction of 320Lm of new sewer reticulation.
  • Construction of 250Lm of new water reticulation.
  • Installation of electrical assets for the length of the road duplication, including but not limited to, rate 2 and 3 street lighting, ITS backbone and bank of 6+2 Energex conduits.
  • Installation of 2 new signalised intersections.
  • Construction of 20,000m² of new asphalt pavement.
  • Construction of 4000m² of new concrete footpath.
  • Construction of 330Lm of new kerb and 900m² of stencilledconcrete infill.
  • Construction of 10,000m² streetscaping.

All works were completed in close proximity to existing residences and under live traffic conditions to CoGC and TMR standards.