Currently Tendering

Ref: T762 Kozy Kids Childcare

Project: Kozy Kids Childcare
Construction of two level childcare centre and all associated works on the site, external works and carpark areas. THIS TENDER IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD

    Ref: T837 Gibson Island Interpretive Centre

    Project: Gibson Island Interpretive Centre
    The project includes the renovation of an existing office mezzanine level 2, into an Interpretive Centre at the Gibson Island Water Treatment Plant. Project involves demolition of existing amenities, flooring, ceiling and services. The new facility is a complete fit-out, inclusive of but not limited to, new flooring, ceilings, amenities, small kitchen, lighting, windows, signage, joinery, water features, furniture, audio-visual, etc. THIS TENDER IS CURRENTLY PENDING

    Ref: T857 Arcadia College

    Arcadia College
    Construction of a School and Community Hub in Robina, including associated works. THIS TENDER IS CURRENTLY PENDING

    Ref: T865 Broadbeach State School

    Broadbeach State School
    Works generally comprise of the erection and completion of a new building and associated works at Broadbeach State School. The project will include the addition of the 12 new classrooms and the demolition of 2 existing spaces. In addition to the 12 new classrooms, the Broadbeach State School Master Plan will integrate the following works:  Remove the Preschool Block S00TN (number 9);  Remove dental clinic building, provide a dental pad;  Remove: o Shade structures GGSP1 and GGSP2 (numbers 32 and 33); o Preschool sandpit GGSAD (number 22); o Sheds S000S and S0S01 (numbers 15 and 30);  Provide a covered link access from the new building to the spine of the school. THIS TENDER IS CURRENTLY PENDING