Currently Tendering

Ref: T762 Kozy Kids Childcare

Project: Kozy Kids Childcare
Construction of two level childcare centre and all associated works on the site, external works and carpark areas.

    Ref: T788 Ashmore City Shopping Centre - Refurbishment Works

    Project:Ashmore City Shopping Centre - Refurbishment Works
    Refurbishment works at Ashmore City Shopping Centre.

      Ref: T837 Gibson Island Interpretive Centre

      Project: Gibson Island Interpretive Centre
      The project includes the renovation of an existing office mezzanine level 2, into an Interpretive Centre at the Gibson Island Water Treatment Plant. Project involves demolition of existing amenities, flooring, ceiling and services. The new facility is a complete fit-out, inclusive of but not limited to, new flooring, ceilings, amenities, small kitchen, lighting, windows, signage, joinery, water features, furniture, audio-visual, etc.

      Ref: T840 CBD33 Office Redevelopment

      Project: CBD33 Office Redevelopment
      The works consists of alterations and additions at the building on 33 Scarborough St in Southport.

      Ref: T847 Energy Qld Stafford Development

      Project: Energy Qld Stafford Development
      New Warehouse and two-storey Office Building, with associated covered lunch room deck and warehouse awning. • Combination of new and existing storage racking and other furniture, fixtures and fittings from the existing depot. • Demolition of the existing shed on site. • Revitalisation of existing 48 car parks for office staff and visitors. • Parking for EWPs/Trucks/Trailers and operational vehicles, truck & mat wash, water filling station, pole storage/bins/soil bags/cable drums, loading zones and pedestrian paths to both street frontages. • New hardstand (retention of part existing hardstand where feasible), retaining walls, new vehicle entrance and ramp from Billabong Street, and associated external works. • High security fencing/gates/access control to the operational area and low security fencing/gates/access control to the office staff parking, with CCTV and external lighting. • Associated site works, signage and landscaping. • All infrastructure required to support an operational facility. • Diversion of existing sewer and stormwater drainage from adjoining properties and provision for stormwater overland flow. • Remediation of the site to remove all asbestos impacted material, being construction and demolition waste material within fill.